Back to blogging - 8 years later!

Wow, I haven't blogged in 8 entire years!  It feels more than overdue for me to be writing again, and I have so much to share!  I fell off blogging for many reasons.  A lot had to do with simply feeling overwhelmed and busy. Always on the go. And the desire to write was overshadowed by a constant feeling of stress.  So here I am, and with the best of intentions to get back to writing, sharing, and being real about the joys and tribulations of parenting.

In 8 years a lot has changed.  My daughter is now a teenager, and has started high school (sec. 1 here in Quebec).  My son is 11 years old and his marks in grade 5 are important because they will matter towards his high school selection process.  I am older, possibly a bit wiser (?), and have taken on so many different activities and projects since I last blogged.  My life is a pretty open book, and so I've shared snips and bits on social media, mostly on Facebook.  Friends and family have watched my family grow up, participate in our various activities, change jobs, schools, past-times and more, and yet I'd love to get into detail about all of these life adventures...  Where do I start?

I'm looking forward to re-introducing you to my life as a mom, and to the family as we've grown and changed.  We still live and thrive in Candiac, so I'm keeping the title of this blog as it is.  That way, if you're ever on a visit to Candiac and you see me at the local Dollarama, or you drive by as I'm walking down the street, you'll be like "Hey, I know her!  She's Candiac Mom!"  Hahaha... a woman can dream of minor celebrity status.  ;)