My lil' man Calvin

The year flew by for Calvin at preschool. His adjustment was a breeze compared to his sister. He cried all of 20 seconds for me on the first day, and never looked back. Literally. I would bend down to kiss him goodbye at the gym door in the morning, and he'd already be gone and playing!

Calvin is following the same preschool path as his sister. His first teacher was Marie-France, a beautiful woman with a big smile, a big voice, and lots of adoration for each child. He tells me at home that he has no idea what she says to him in French, but he actually understands a lot, and spits out periodic words and phrases in French. He can sing entire songs in French with choreography, but has no idea what he's singing about (or so he says...).

Meanwhile, he's made some amazing crafts, learned a lot about social interaction, and most of all, had FUN the entire time!