Kira's graduation from preschool

Okay, so it's not like an "official" graduation. She's not finishing a degree or any government-regulated curriculum for that matter. But what a proud day it was when my beautiful daughter graduated from preschool!

My daughter's preschool nurtured her in a way like no other school could have. I still remember when she started, how she would cry her way through a box of tissues each day for 2 weeks, and then how painfully shy she was for the entire first year there. Kira has just completed 3 years at les activités préscolaires de Brossard, and she has blossomed so much in those 3 years! The teachers there - I can't say enough about each and every one of them... they are enthusiastic, creative, artistic, and pour so much energy and love into their jobs every day!

This past year, Kira was blessed with 3 fantastic teachers: Marlene, François and Sonia.

Marlene prepared her class for kindergarten through the "Ateliers des Petits" program. Kira so enjoyed everything she learned from Marlene, and especially grew fond of mazes, crafts, and "playing teacher" at home. You can always see how your child is being treated through her role-play, and when Kira would come home and play teacher, I just knew that Marlene was treating her with respect, kindness, and great attention.

In her second year with François as a teacher, Kira was finally able to be comfortable and outgoing. While she cringed at public performances last year, she was one of the loudest singers in school music shows this year. François is a professional musician and composer, and what a joy it has been to play his CDs in our car each morning on the way to preschool! At the end of the year, the class gave an incredible musical production, from which I hope to post pics soon!

François was also Kira's gym teacher. Omigosh, what fun! The group always came out of class hot and sweaty, with big smiles on their faces. Kira was so proud in the fall when she did her first front roll, and now she is full of tricks and confidence to try new things!

Kira's teacher for "Club des Champions" was Sonia, a delightfully happy mother of a student at the preschool. Sonia's experience as a teacher and familiarity to the students as a mom of their peer, helped her to establish herself quickly when she took over a class at the end of last fall from Lucie, who left for other professional pursuits. Here is Kira with Sonia (above), and Lucie (below):

And so now for the graduation photos! Here is just a small selection:

Milestones like these make me such a proud mama!


Anonymous said…
This is the most memorable moments that makes a parent proud. The feeling of giving them the best we have. Congrat super mom!

Heather said…
Please email me! I have a question about your blog! :)