Meet the (preschool) teachers in Kira's life (so far!)

I really lucked out when I found out about Les Activités Préscolaires de Brossard. What a fantastic preschool that my daughter has attended the past 2 years! I can't even begin to express how pleased I am with her experience there.

Kira started preschool when she was 2 months shy of turning 3 years old. I was ready and pleased to put her there, in a predominantly French-speaking environment, with new friends her age. She was in a class called Mille Pattes with teacher Marie-France. I remember standing below the classroom window outside, hearing her scream and cry, and was reassured by an experienced mom: "Don't worry. Marie-France is the best for dealing with the little ones. You'll see, it breaks your heart now, but she's going to be just fine!". It took about a month for Kira to warm up to the idea of preschool, which she attended 3 mornings a week. As the months passed, she enjoyed it more and more, and came home with new songs, crafts, stories, and a lot of role-playing. I don't know how many times I had to play the student while she was my teacher.

PJ Day in December 2008:

Here is a shot from her first Christmas show:
And at the end of the year with Marie-France:
This past year we put Kira in for 2.5 days a week; that is, one morning and 2 full days. A big step that my big girl was ready for. And once again she had amazing teachers!

Her morning teacher 3 days a week was the talented François (aka Musicabouche), a musician with a gentle heart, and a comedian with a big smile all at the same time. What a fantastic male role model to have! Kira's favourite CD is one of François', and every time she listens to it, she says: "I feel like François is right here with me!"

Kira was also lucky to have the craftiest teacher in town, and by this I mean arts & crafts! Tina's classroom is the envy of all teachers when it comes to artistic displays! I've got a bag full of art projects that I'll keep for a lifetime thanks to Tina! Here's one of them, a big princess with Kira's face cut out and inserted in the cut-out!

Tina watched over Kira and a big group of children during "Club des Champions", an extension of lunch hour that included lots of outside playtime, bug-catching, silly fun, and of course, arts & crafts!

I'll be posting more about this preschool in coming months, with photos past and present. Calvin is about to discover the joys of "Les Activités Préscolaires" in a few short weeks! Whee!

If you live on the South Shore, be sure to check out this wonderful preschool!