The mommy connection

When we're over-tired, feeling like a zombie, frazzle-nerved, or simply hormonal, who can we rely on for that little bit of sanity to make it through the day? Other moms, of course. Friendships are what carry us through the day.

I'm the kind of person who seeks out friendships, and when I make a new one I come home happy as a schoolgirl ("Mark, I met someone new today, and she has BFF potential!"). When I knew I would be leaving my office job to take mat leave, I was afraid of losing that important circle of friends and not being able to make new ones. So, at my last prenatal class I handed out cookies and a slip of paper with my email address on it. Happily, there was a sizeable group of us who met up regularly all year! I then became a breastfeeding support mom through Moms for Milk, and met several beautiful and empowered women who shared several of the same values I had on motherhood and family life. I'm still friends with some of these women, although my children's lives have led my own into different circles.

Luckily, I still have wonderful friends through several outlets, who I see on a regular basis. But let me focus on the mommy groups today.

Although the membership changes year to year, one of the constant sources of my sanity comes from Mums & Tots of Brossard. We meet twice a week for this playgroup, which offers an opportunity for free play, crafts, stories and songs each meet. Duties are shared and rotated amongst the membership. There is always coffee and snacks to greet us. And fellow moms who want to share, ask, vent, or simply hang out. I remember when I was one big, hormonal mess, somehow hauling my 4-day old Calvin and 2 year old Kira up the stairs, bawling my eyes out to the most understanding and compassionate group of women (who were silently thinking: "Whoa, she went off the deep end!"). And here we are 2 years later at a monthly MNO (Moms' Night Out), a great source of sanity (and martinis!)

The Mums & Tots connection helped forge what became a monthly outing for those of us moms who would see each other regularly at drop-off at our kids' preschool. On Mondays, our children attended preschool from 8:30am to 10:45am. Just long enough for a stroll, a coffee, and some good conversation at a nearby Timmy's. So, once a month we made it an outing and a good reason to put off what little cleaning or chores we would manage in that short a time anyway! Thanks, Karen, for getting that ball rolling! :) Unfortunately, I was never quite organized enough to take a photo of that lovely group of ladies, which should go below this blurb. :(

When Kira started ballet last fall, I started talking to a fellow mom Michelle, who like me, was biding the 45 minutes of class time going through sales flyers. We ended up chatting (and once even managed to go out and do a bit of shopping!) during that time, and I must say I'm happy I got to know her. Well, this season the group of hallway moms grew to 6 of us who now take turns making and bringing a pot of coffee and/or treats, and who fill that 45 minutes with awesome conversation! Here's a pic of the little set-up we have going. We now have to make sure the treats are done and put away before the children come out of ballet class.

Finally, I'm just throwing in a pic of the Epicure team I belong to. Cara is my Leader, and I am Helen's leader, so we are a little chain of Consultants trying to make a go at selling spices and cookware while balancing motherhood and other commitments at the same time.

Thanks to all you wonderful women who make me feel like I'm a great mom when I'm having a bad day!