Butterflies galore at the Botanical Gardens!

After several years of wanting to catch this exhibit, we finally made plans to see the Butterflies Go Free! exhibit at the Montreal Botanical Gardens. The kids and I met up with one of Kira's ballet friends and her mom. It was a perfect spring day, somewhere around 15 degrees max, with a little breeze.

Due to a labour dispute, the Biodome and Insectarium were closed, but no matter. The exhibit and the gardens filled the day. Here are some miscellaneous shots from the indoor exhibit, followed by a little video of the butterflies! Beautiful!

Butterflies snacking on a plate of fruit. :)

Cocoons, some with butterflies emerging!
And here is the video that only partially captures the beauty of butterflies:

I was surprised to see how crowded it was. Then again, Montrealers are great about converging to special activities and events, and as said, it was perfect weather! We lunched outdoors and then took a walk through the Chinese Botanical Gardens.

This is the last weekend for the exhibit. Hope you can catch it, and if not, there's always next year!