Sugaring off!

Time sure flies and I can't believe it's been well over 3 months since my last blog post. Good intentions... well, you know what happens when life grabs you by the horns!

Our latest outing was the Cabane a sucre. I got to spend some quality time with Kira, since this outing, organized by her preschool, allowed for one parent per registered child. I was so happy to spend this time with Kira. I honestly don't get enough time with just one child at a time these days!

I spent the week before this outing building it up, so Kira was quite excited about going to the cabane a sucre! As we were shopping a few days before, we were stopped on the way out of Loblaws by a reporter / photographer who asked if we had been to the sugar shack yet this year. Check it out in our local newspaper, Le Reflet!

I didn't know how to dress Kira that morning, so I put her in a fleece top and raincoat / rainboots, while packing a winter coat in the trunk just in case. Lucky I had that, because it turned out to be a frigid morning! At least the rainboots helped protect her feet from the mucky ground.

We went to La Goudrelle in Mont St. Grégoire. It's a huge, industrial type of sugar shack, but you don't get much choice when it's with a large group, particularly a school group. What makes it an event for me is part tradition, and part company. And this group of moms, kids, and teachers was fantastic. I swear I'll blog about the preschool very soon... the teachers there are incredible, generous, enthusiastic people, and the moms are great company as well!

We started off with a visit to the animals. Kira fed a goat, but I wasn't quick enough with the camera to snag a shot. Off for a walk in the forest to see the pails of sap hanging off the trees. And before you know it, a little sing-song and onto the horse & cart ride!
Once we felt cold enough that our toes were ready to fall off, we headed inside for some song & dance...

and then the feast! Now, this is not great fare for a pescatarian like me, but as I said, I went for tradition and company, and I had the best of both!

It all ended with the "tire" of course, where the kids (and us moms!) got to roll popsicle sticks in maple syrup on snow.

Since I didn't post about our sugar shack outing last year, here's a pic of my kids enjoying their "tire" last year! Wow, time certainly does fly! :)