Spices and cookware, anyone? Selling Epicure Selections

I've saved this post for quite some time, mostly for lack of photos. I always try to have photos to illustrate my posts! :)

My days and nights are full as a stay-at-home mommy and while I don't have the urgent need to make a salary, I felt that I should keep busy with something that is just for me, and that could reap a little financial reward to boot. This also saves me from having to pay for Mark's gifts on his credit card, haha!

I had researched several options and even tried a couple of ventures in the past couple of years, including a stamping supplies business (retail), and a line of botanically based beauty / health products. Neither was a match to my lifestyle or expectations.

In January of this year, I decided upon Epicure Selections. I had been a customer of the product line for a couple of years and enjoyed what it represented: a woman-owned, family-operated, Canadian business selling spice blends that are without preservatives, low-sodium, and with a full range of products and resources for healthy living. The product line is sold through home parties or catalogue orders placed by individuals / groups. And, I'm happy to say that it is good quality stuff, that my family uses it all the time, and that I've received positive feedback from so many customers already!

To date, I haven't demonstrated at many home parties. I've focused on open houses at my own home (where I feel I have the freedom to prepare more than the average demonstration), and have taken batches of goodies to the various social groups I belong to. A few individuals have been kind enough to accept samples to pass along in their office lunch room / cafeteria. I've also had the opportunity to participate with several other Consultants at the Montreal Women's Show, a huge venue with thousands of passersby.

This Christmas I made a few gift baskets using the Epicure products. Sorry, this photo is a bit dark...

Most recently, I had a table of my own at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal's annual Craft & Bake Sale. I spent a week preparing for it, and here are the results in pictures. Thanks Martin, for taking these pics!
What do you think? Anyone up to hosting a tasting party? I'll make it worth your while, and I'll be so thankful to you for giving me a bit of time out of the house.


tatsuko said…
Your display was great and of course you had the BEST samples! Hence the constant swarm around your table, yaaay!!!