mmm, apple butter

Whenever I'm in the kitchen Kira asks me if she can help. There was a frantic week recently when I wouldn't let her near me as I worked hard on preparations for an Epicure demonstration (see 2 posts ago) a cookie exchange, and to get some goodies ready for her preschool fundraiser. However, I caved at the end as I made apple butter, since I was using the apples she and Calvin picked earlier in the fall and that I had kept for this purpose.

Once a year, the apple peeler comes out and Kira helps me turn the crank on the peeler to get the apples ready for 3 hours of simmering with some yummy spices. Here's Kira with a peel taller than her!

And our delicious apple butter. This batch made 8 jars which apparently, were sold very quickly at the preschool bake sale. :) They raised $1500 in 2 days - awesome!


tatsuko said…
mmmm, I can actually SMELL it, H! I inherited one of those peelers from my mom - great when you've got too many apples to do :)