Kira Kira, Ballerina

Before I gave birth to Kira, I always imagined having a little girl who was a little bit of a tomboy. I'd put her in soccer and hockey. She'd always be dressed sporty with pigtails and her ball throw would be the envy of all girls. Well, Kira was born dainty and has remained wired with "girly" from a young age. We knew this from the first time she closed her eyes and dodged a ball, despite our efforts at every opportunity to get her engaged more in sports. She's always been cautious, artistic, and dainty. And so in the great Nature vs. Nurture debate, I must say that in Kira's case there seems to be a big argument for the Nature side...

Kira started to show an interest in ballet most recently, and having placed her in part-time preschool for the past year, I felt she would be ready to take a class without mommy present. She loved her costume from the moment we bought it. All pink, including the tutu.

Her teacher Megan is young and full of energy and enthusiasm. The classes are 45 minutes long, and there are 5 children in this pre-dance class.

Most recently, we were invited to attend Kira's dance class open house, where we could see how they had progressed from the beginning to year's end. Grandma, Grandpa, Mommy, Daddy and Calvin all went to cheer her on! Here is Kira stepping across the room in great form:

And a few more photos from the open house:

It was such a joy to see Kira with her classmates in this little presentation. We're so proud of our daughter, and if she decides to pursue ballet or any other girl-associated discipline or sport, so be it. What is most important is that whatever she does, makes her smile and have fun.


tatsuko said…
Great job, Kira! You look so pretty in your tutu :)