So, the kids got vaccinated

We were sitting on the fence with the decision on whether to vaccinate or not. Finally, we decided to get the AH1N1 vaccination for our kids (and now we're sitting on the fence on whether or not we should go through it ourselves in a few weeks...)

I won't go through the details of our decision, since there are great divisions in personal beliefs which I completely respect each individual / family to make. We are periodic flu shot recipients as well, so it wasn't out of line with past behaviour, and we didn't do it out of panic regarding this pandemic.

I dropped Kira off at preschool and then drove by the vaccination site at 9am (the doors were scheduled to open at noon). There was already an hour-long lineup outside of the building. Yikes! By the time I picked Kira up, passed by my friend's house, and made it to the site with her, it was 11:45 and we were in a helluva long lineup. Here's a pic of the lineup just in front of us. Keep in mind, this is behind the building (so, in other words, the line extended all along the front and side of the building before winding behind it and to the view you see below):

Luckily, Kira could hang out with her friend Jaiden. As you can see in this past post, Kira and Jaiden are old friends! They amused and entertained each other, much to our (fellow mommy Vicki and I) amusement and amazement, for almost the entire 5 hour wait. Yup, that's right - 5 hours! Vicki and I packed accordingly and tried to stretch out our goodies and surprises, including Halloween loot, cheese sticks, juice, a media player, and a game console. The kids found imaginative ways to pass their time, including questioning big kids' vandalistic behaviour (why are they breaking the walls, mommy?!); running in circles; jumping over and through puddles; pulling and hanging off my knapsack while I'm wearing it; taking turns sitting in the strollers; making faces; telling jokes; etc... Here, our kids discover a pothole which they claim houses sharks that eat you up so watch out!

Here is Kira immersed in Jaiden's Leapster, a video game console for kids:

Calvin managed to fit in a 1.5 hour nap, and so did Vicki's almost year-old baby Zachary. The shots themselves were quick and almost painless. A few tears and cries in the moment were soon forgotten. Happy mom Vicki with Zachary here:

Success for another long outing! Yeah! Fingers crossed for everyone's good health this season!