Coccinelle et diable!

It was a week of Halloween for us. Our house has been decorated since the beginning of October, and Kira has been bringing home Halloween-themed crafts for the past couple of weeks. What a build-up to this wildly popular holiday! The above photo is Kira with her decorated pumpkin from school.

We attended a Halloween party at Home Start (Premiers Pas) in Lemoyne on Thursday, where the kids were treated to colouring, storytime, a pinata, and treats.

Driving home from taiko practice on Saturday, I was apprehensive about whether Kira would get a chance to trick-or-treat this year! The trees were blowing sideways, and it was raining. Oh no!

By 4pm the wind hadn't subsided, so we took the kids to a local mall to trick-or-treat indoors a bit. It was over quite quickly, but at least we could say we went in case the weather didn't improve later on! Here's a pic of the kids going around to various merchants.

Once at home, we shut our lights long enough to eat a quick supper, and then took a peek outside. No more rain, and only a bit of wind, so Kira was ready to go! We went with Kira's 2nd cousins Jillian and Spencer. Kira was so excited and wanted to go to house after house, but once her pumpkin basket was full I insisted we return home. Seriously, she can't possibly get through her loot before next Halloween!

Here are my dressed up munchkins waiting for trick-or-treaters to come to our house. Calvin had an awesome time plopping treats into people's bags. I can't wait to take BOTH kids out next year!