Eccentric Kira

My daughter loves to dress herself up in whatever clothes she finds. Quite often she'll layer them and put on a pair of shades. Here, she's walking her stuffed dog. Looks like the label "eccentric old lady" is in her future, don't you think?

Here's eccentric old lady with her grandma's cat this past summer:

And, here she is getting into her layers as I unpacked and sorted through a bag of hand-me-downs from her cousin Jillian last June (yes, almost a year and a half ago! That's June 2008):

In classic Kira style, there is a song and dance for every occasion. Here she is singing about the "sauce" (looks like eccentric old lady is going to be a drinker too!)


tatsuko said…
Yup, she's got the drinking AND the cats already... the girl's got flair!