A visit to the aunties (in Toronto!)

We hadn't been to Toronto in years, so when the opportunity arose, we decided last-minute to make the trek out by car last weekend. We were actually supposed to spend the weekend at our annual family camping retreat. But with impending thunderstorms all weekend, many family members backed out and opted to stay at home with the assurance of a dry bed to sleep in.

We didn't want to miss the opportunity to see the kids' aunties Val (my sister in-law) and Gayle, so with an invitation to their home, we quickly decided to go!

With a nice supper break and leg-stretch, it took 7 hours total from door to door. With 2 toddlers in the car, there were some hair-pulling moments. All in all, though, not so bad. Calvin pointed out every "toot-toot" he saw. Kira was relatively easy to entertain with DVDs and drawing materials. I practiced driving Standard in our VW Golf, and actually felt that I got the hang of it somewhat!

The kids really enjoyed themselves. I don't know what else to say, really. Calvin had never been to Toronto, and he continued to forge a bond with his aunties all weekend. Val and Gayle were great hosts - very laid back and always positive. The kids went to bed at midnight each night, and Kira was only too happy to sleep in the big King bed between her aunties.

We also got to visit my aunt Kazuko in Mississauga (and her family, my uncle Terry and cousin Michael). I completely forgot to pull out the camera at the end of the night (uncle Terry and Michael joined us only a short while before we left their home), but here is a photo of my auntie taken by Kira. Kinda artsy, don't you think?

Kira also took this great pic of Calvin and I, which I'm loving!

The highlight of our weekend was our Saturday outing to High Park, where we went to with a delicious picnic prepared by Val & Gayle. Kira got to climb and play in a structure shaped like a castle, Calvin got to ride a "toot-toot" train, and most importantly everyone spent a beautiful day outdoors and enjoying the day in each other's company. Here are some snapshots from the day.

Thanks, Val & Gayle, and Ikeda family, for a memorable trip to Toronto. We'll have to make it there a bit more often in the future, won't we?