Baby signing time!

I am so proud of the fact that both of my kids are starting out communication through baby sign language. Kira mastered at least 30 signs and for some reason I just never caught it on video! She started signing at around 14 months old, and it really helped her communication with me (she could tell me not only if she was hungry or thirsty, but if she wanted to drink water, milk or juice). Calvin delivered his first sign ("more") at 11 months and hasn't looked back. He can sign and verbalize his thoughts to me, which I love! Here are a few videos of some of his vocabulary. I just kind of threw words at him from the top of my head, so this is really just a sampling. I had to take a video though, before this stage passed like it did with Kira. These videos were actually taken in April. Since then, Calvin is verbalizing more and I'll try to catch some video of that too. :)

Some awesome signing DVDs are available through Baby Signing Time. They were recommended to me through my friend Rebecca, and my kids love them. Kira, who had forgotten all her signs, watched them over and over again for their entertainment value, and can now sign in American Sign Language again. Let me tell you, these are actual ASL signs, not just made-up gestures for babies.

If you're interested in taking lessons in Montreal and area, contact Amy at Talking Hands. She's a qualified instructor and a great resource person for mommies! If you're interested in babywearing and Elimination Communication (EC-ing), Amy is also your go-to person in Montreal.

I'm breathing a sigh of relief just because I actually finally documented and posted something about baby signing. Whew! That's one more action that makes my conscience rest a bit for the night.


isagoca said…
Hi!! the first time I saw your blog, I was looking for information regarding baby sign lenguage, then again your blog came up when I started to look for activities for babies in Candiac as soon as I knew I was moving to live there... Today, I searched again in google for information about baby activities and once more Google takes me here... and what a SURPRISE!!! we are together in Gramofun classes in Longueuil... we are Lucas and Isabel!!! haha.. what a nice surprise when I saw you and Calvin! see you next class.