Halloween '09

The above pumpkins were carved by Mark. The one on the right was actually taken from a drawing that Kira made. Mark transferred it to a pumpkin and carved it out. :) Here's a better look at the pumpkin art by combined daughter / daddy combo. Makes me giggle every time I look at it:

This was Kira's first year trick-or-treating. Mark took her out while I stayed home with Calvin, handing out treats. Here is Kira in her ladybug costume. Getting that costume was an ordeal in itself, since I found it online and had to ask my friend in the US to order and pay for it for me, send it to me by post, and then I forwarded the funds to him (the company didn't accept orders from out of the US, or payment either!). Thanks for the favour, Cliffy! You contributed greatly to making my daughter the cutest little bug out there! :)

Meanwhile, Calvin wore Kira's costume from a couple of years ago. Isn't he an adorable little ducky? Calvin got a lot of attention just from staying home and hangin' around by the front door. Groups of mommies and kids commented on how cute he was, and one mom even took a photo of my little poussin with her cell phone!

We counted just under 200 treats given out at our doorstep. Not a record, but a busy night nonetheless!