Running for a cure

The month of October is flying by and I have so much to blog about! Before I end up too far behind, let me tell you about a run I took part in last weekend.

I don't know how many years I've been taking part in the CIBC Run for the Cure now. It must be at least 5 or 6 years. This is the cause that I've taken up as my annual commitment to do something concrete about. So, I register each year, and collect pledges. Then I set out to run a great 5k and hope for good weather. This year the weather was beautiful, somewhere around 12 to 15 degrees, with a very light breeze. I was lucky enough to have 2 friends join me for the run simply for the sake of joining. They weren't registered runners, just 2 awesome guys who wanted to support me in my run, support the cause, and enjoy a nice jog on a beautiful weekend! Introducing...

Jason, my personal trainer. This guy would go for a run with me on any given day / night at the drop of a hat. Running is part of his lifestyle routine (albeit not a religious one - I'm glad to know that he has good and bad weeks like us all!) and so it was never difficult to organize a few half-hour sessions with him. I need this kind of motivation because without someone pushing me out the door, I have no motivation to get my butt in gear with the 2 kids in tow, to run. Thanks Jay, for your encouragement all the way! Here we are somewhere near the beginning of the run (that's why I still have a smile on my face).

Mikio, my motivational guru. I kid you not, a few years ago when I was running the CIBC Run for the Cure, I distinctly remember that the only reason I finished the run without stopping (and believe me, did I ever feel like stopping when we started going a little bit uphill!) was that I could hear Mikio's voice in my mind saying: "Keep going, don't stop! Overcome yourself!" In fact, about half an hour before I had begun the run, Mikio called me to chant that mantra to me on my cell phone. After several years of wanting to check out the event in person, Mikio was finally able to make arrangements this year to come out and join. Not only did he run with me, he did it backwards while taking photos all the way! Mikio is a natural runner, so 5k didn't even make him sweat. Here he is showing his form, running with a smile after the 5k was all done.

What made this year's run so special was the additional company I had - my kids. Kira and Calvin were angels as they were pushed in the jogging stroller. I think they enjoyed the scenery of buildings and people, balloons, and pink everywhere. I'm sure they enjoyed the breeze on their faces (okay, not so "fresh" air because this was in downtown Montreal) and their simple presence urged me forward. Together, we raised over $400 for the cause, and the run raised over $28 million across Canada! Here's to finding a cure for breast cancer in our near future!