Mommy gets a haircut

This is not a furry animal - it's my chopped-off hair!

Pampering myself doesn't happen often enough, I tell ya. I hadn't had a haircut in a year, since I was 8 months pregnant with Calvin. And getting myself to a salon didn't seem like it would ever happen. Thank goodness for Rima, a fellow mommy and member of the playgroup I belong to here on the South Shore with my kids. Rima isn't a hairstylist by trade. She cuts hair as a hobby, and has been doing it for years on friends and family. I don't know how she does it, but she always looks glam and great! I forgot to take Rima's photo but maybe I'll be able to add it to this blog post afterwards.

Here I am, all sad and weepy before the cut:

Within 20 minutes, I had bangs and a short cut. Calvin seems to like it too! I think that's because I was actually able to nurse him while getting my trim. Now honestly, what salon lets you do THAT?

Thanks, Rima! If you do house-calls, maybe I can refer some new clients your way!