Loving the outdoors

I'm so lucky that my kids are nature-lovers! At the same time, they consistently fall asleep when in motion, be that in the car or in the stroller. So, whenever we're out for a walk (or my stroller workout - see my previous post) and I think "Hey, I'll let my kids out to play a bit", one of them is asleep. It's difficult therefore, to make a lot of plans in advance. I often have to plan as the day goes, depending on what's going on in the backseat of the car.

Last week, I went for a walk with Ali, Stacy and our kids. We went for a nice 1 hour stroll, but of course during this entire time all our kids were fast asleep. Go figure. On the way home, just as we reached my street, Kira woke up. I felt sorry for her because she missed a great walk, so I offered to take her to the park. We (just me and my kids) turned around and went to the park, where we spent an hour or so, and we had the entire place to ourselves! I'm not sure why, but once the leaves start to fall the moms don't take their kids to the park anymore. Yet, at the first sign of spring it's full.

Kira's apparatus of choice has always been the swing. Here she is, shaking and laughing on the swing. I love her giggles!

Meanwhile, Calvin isn't walking yet, so I sat him in the leafy grass. I have to watch him carefully whenever I put him down, as he's prone to eating whatever is on the ground around him.

Hopefully the fall weather will continue to be pleasant for a few more weeks. We're looking forward to at least a few more park days before toboganning season sets in!