Apple picking x 3

We've been to the same apple orchard 3 times this fall! But, we love Vergers Denis Charbonneau in Mont St. Gregoire, because it's so family-friendly, and this is an important factor when you have a baby and toddler in tow.

Our first visit of the season was with Kira's preschool. About 25 parents and their kids ventured out on a bit of a damp morning. However, the weather was actually quite perfect in retrospect. It wasn't too chilly yet, and because it was early enough in the fall and the weather was a bit speculative, our group pretty much had the place to ourselves. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera but no worries. We were back at the orchard the following week with my kids' playgroup, Mums & Tots of Brossard. During this second outing, we also picked pumpkins. Here are the moms and kids on the tractor ride (I decided to jog alongside with Calvin in the jogging stroller):

I couldn't resist popping Calvin into a crate full of pumpkins for the fall photo opp!
Here's Kira with some of the kids from playgroup. And, little Calvin sitting in front, heehee:

Calvin hard at work, biting into that apple!
Surprisingly, what interested Kira more than picking apples was seeing all the animals. Here's Kira with Jaiden, and a closer look at the rooster (there were also sheep, bunnies, peacocks, and goats). If you didn't see the video clip of these 2 during a play date earlier this year, click here.

Our final apple-picking excursion was with the dragonboat team I belong to, Isshin, and members of the taiko community in Montreal. The weather was once again, fantastic. I must say, we really lucked out on that front. As I crouched near a branch filled with apples, Calvin picked one out and proceeded to eat it for the next half hour until he passed out for a nap. I love the ease of carrying him on my back in the mei-tai (another Etsy purchase). Whenever I sense that he's tired, I throw him on my back and he eases into slumber. Plus, my hands are then free to deal with Kira. Oh, but I could ramble on for a whole other post about the benefits of baby-carrying. I might just do that, if I find the time. Meanwhile, I'm a month behind on blog posts...


Karen G said…
hey i was searching for places to do the apple picking in mont st gregoire and your blog came up. You are truly amazing. Hope to see you soon. We are back from Vancouver now and my belly is really growing now and lots of kicks!