Planting a tree from Lisa & Mike

Last month, we were thrilled to be guests at Lisa (Kira & Calvin's 2nd cousin) and Mike's wedding. It was a fantastic ceremony at La Ronde, if you can imagine! What a fun environment, for 2 fun-loving and down-to-earth people. It was a real family affair. The photo above was taken by Lisa's cousin (& photographer extraordinaire) Megan. We enjoyed ourselves enormously, and wish Lisa & Mike a wonderful future together!

As a gift to each guest, Lisa & Mike gave a cedar plant. What a great idea - something that is great for the environment, serves as a souvenir of their wedding, and that will last a lifetime. So we made an activity out of planting the tree, and explained to Kira that the tree was a gift from her cousins. Daddy and Kira dug a hole in our backyard, and planted the tree. We can't wait to watch it grow over the years!


j said…
nice post and cute pic! Kira should name the tree and compare its growth to hers every year!