Since Calvin's birth, Mark and I have divided a lot of the parenting responsibilities more than ever before. I'm so thankful that Mark has been working from home for the past year, and although this will likely soon come to an end, I believe he has enjoyed his quality time with the family as well.

Over the past months Kira has become Daddy's Little Girl in a big way. She relies on him for a lot of nurturing and asks for him constantly. She pines for Daddy when he's away on business trips, and his is the first name she calls when she wakes up in the morning. Mark in return, is a doting father!

One of the fun responsibilities we have evenly split with our kids is bathtime. I bathe Calvin while Mark bathes Kira. Calvin has always loved bathtime! If he's in a bit of a fussy mood at night, usually a bath will cheer him up. Recently, he's discovered that he can splash the water around with his feet, and so bathtime is messier and wetter than ever! I've had to move his bath from the countertop, to the floor (with a towel underneath). Here's my little kicker! As you can see, I tried to cover his privates but with every shoot he kicked the little towel off.

We have one of those deep tubs that is difficult to lean over. So, we've been delaying bathing Kira in the big tub because of this, and also because it takes a lot of water to fill the tub even a little bit. As a result, Kira is still in a baby tub, but he doesn't seem to mind. And, because leaning over the side of the tub is a challenge, Mark sits on an upside-down bucket that's placed in the tub.

Kira loves her bath toys and can play with them forever. She doesn't like having her hair washed but over the past several months Mark has made a game of it and creates a new "hair style" for her every bathtime. Here's one of those famous hairdo's.

And the biggest reward of all for us, is, of course, clean kids! :)