Perfect day to test the bike trailer!

We took the bike trailer for its inaugural hitch on the back of Mark's bike today during a family Sunday ride. We were planning on spending a good hour outdoors, but it ended up being FIVE hours because of all the little pit-stops we made. :)

What beautiful weather today! It was our last sunny, hot day for a little while and you could tell everyone was out to enjoy it! We left at a leisurely pace while the kids relaxed in the trailer. Both of them fell asleep at some point during our ride. Wouldn't you if you were bumping along in the sunlight, with a light wind in your face? To be a baby again, without a care in the world...

You can see Mark and Kira in the above photo. Calvin's in there too, but I guess he's kind of slumped over to the side. Kira loves her new Elmo helmet. :)

First, we stopped at my friend Cara's to say hello and to pick up a couple of Epicure Selections catalogues. They have some really yummy stuff including dips and spreads, spices, hot chocolate, fondue chocolate, kitchenware, and environmentally-friendly cleaning solutions. Cara is a rep for ES, and is passionate about the products she sells. I'm looking forward to flipping through my catalogue before I drift off to sleep tonight!

As Mark led me through the bike paths in La Prairie, I wiped out while trying to bike up onto a sidewalk. Skinned myself all the way down the arm and face-planted on the landing. That's okay - no permanent damage. I ended up eating a bunch of gritty dirt, and the scrapes will disappear in no time. I'm actually more bummed that my beautiful bike is scratched.

Next stop, Cousin Ali. She heard us arrive, and she came over to greet us with her mom and baby Hunter, from the backyard. We hung out chatting for awhile all the while enjoying the fantastic weather that just wouldn't quit. Kira visited the 2 dogs in the backyard while I changed Calvin's diaper, a bit more chatting, and we were off again! (By the way, you can see Ali and Hunter in a past blog post - see April 10's "A New Cousin for Kira & Calvin")

Mark suggested we pass by Auntie Naomi's to see if she was home. She sure was, and we gave her a break from changing her tires and all the other spring chores she managed to complete before our arrival (she had already mowed her huge lawn and opened up the backyard pool!). Hopefully after we left, she took some time to relax into the evening. The above photo is of Auntie Naomi with the kids, on the swing. Kira had a blast going by the waterfront, singing songs, eating chips, and simply hangin' out. I didn't get a photo with Pattie, who was in and out during our visit as well. Naomi, Pattie and their kids just adore Kira and Calvin. We love visiting them!

Ah, welcome spring, and we'll be waiting during the coming rainy week, for your return!


Courtney said…
I love spring! I would love to have one of those behind my bike. The weather here today is beatiful and we have already been on a bike ride!!
tatsuko said…
Sounds like a great day you had :) Didn't know so many of the family were out on the South Shore!