lovin' shoppin'

Today, I went to 2 friperies - second-hand clothing stores. I can't believe the awesome purchases I made. Over a dozen outfits, a knapsack, a sunhat, a craft kit, and a gift set for new baby, all for under $100! I love second-hand clothing shopping for the kids. Honestly, they only wear their clothes for a season, so who can resist a bargain?

Here's a photo of Calvin taken just yesterday, in a cute outfit I got for him at a clothing swap:

I think I've been to pretty much all the friperies in this neck of the woods, and have picked my favourites according to not only price, but how child-friendly the shopping is (some have play areas for kids to hang out - Kira enjoys hanging out with the toys while I shop), and cleanliness not only of the store but of the clothes. My favourites are the stores where I can trust that without having to check, I can just KNOW that none of the clothes will have stains on them. Some store owners are vigilant about checking the merchandise and only selling top-quality clothes at great prices. You gotta love that!

If you live on the South Shore, check out these shops:
l'Univers des Petits: 55 rue St. Pierre, St. Constant. (450) 638-8787. This shop doesn't accept Interac. Cash and cheques (with ID) only, accepted.
Les Souricettes: 10-1 boul. Georges-Gagné, Delson. (450) 718-1881. New and used clothing for children 0 to 8 years. This shop is gorgeous, and lots of neat and affordable gift ideas.
Boutique Cocopelli: 392 Ste. Rose, La Prairie. www.cocopelli.ca. This store has a little play space for kids, offers workshops, and even offers a scale to weigh your newborn.

Yesterday I also received a package in the mail that I had been waiting for. I just made my first purchase through etsy.com, which I came to know of through a friend who sells her crafts there. Here's what I bought. I recently read an article that featured a carrier for a changing pad and diapers, and thought it was such a novel idea, because those are the basics that need to be carried, so why not do it in style? So, I checked on etsy.com and found a seller who carried some that she's designed, in beautiful fabrics. See above, my old "system" (Ziploc bag with the essentials) versus my new diaper / changing pad carrier! I love it and can't wait to flaunt it!

If you want to check out these nifty diaper carriers and other products, visit the site of Oh Boy Designs. And while I'm mentioning etsy.com, I'd like to mention my friend Tatsuko's store. She sells beautiful jewellery and paper goods with a Japanese touch.

Happy shopping! Hope you have as much fun as I did!


Courtney said…
Hi! it is Courtney from OHBOY! Designs, thanks so much for the nice words. I hope you get a lot of use out of it. I have been using mine for almost 2 years now!!! What a handsome boy!! I am a blogger too
Can't wait to read more of your posts!