Go Habs, Go!

Need I say more?

I'll tell you why we lost Game 2 against the Flyers tonight. I must apologize. You can blame my son Calvin, because he jinxed les Canadiens by pooing in his Habs onesie. We were so excited to have him wear it during Game 2, but about an hour before game-time, disaster struck. The Montreal Canadiens' cutest fan wasn't wearing his teams colours and logo. We're sorry, everyone! He'll be ready for Game 3, when our team will need our hometown energy from afar, as they'll be playing in Philadelphia Monday night.

I saw in the latest Jean Coutu flyer that Canadiens flags were on sale this week. Mark looked while he was there yesterday, but they were sold out. We passed by today, but of course the sale had already ended. No matter. We just HAD to have one, so here it is! We're so proud to be Habs fans and are ready to bring the Cup home this year!

And as for Habs gossip, it seems more and more of the Canadiens players are moving to Candiac! Why? Because their new practice rink will be at the Dix30, which is close by, and Candiac is developing and growing by leaps and bounds and is the currently trendy place to move. My newest mission will be to find out which players have kids the ages of my kids, and to send my kids to the same school. No, I'm not really that crazy! Or am I? Heheh...