Happy Easter!

Due to the fact that neither Mark nor I are religious, Easter has no religious significance for us, and sadly it's all about the Easter bunnies for us! I know, how commercial! But it's something fun for the children and really, our lives are so wrapped around our children these days! We've spent virtually the entire month of March gearing up for Easter, from decorating the house with Easter decorations, to the crafts we do at home with an Easter theme, to the little pop-up bunny toy I presented Kira with the other day (thanks to Dollarama for all of the above!). And most recently, we've attended 2 Easter parties - one at Mums & Tots, the other at Home Start (more about both of these great organizations in a future post).

The Mums & Tots Easter party was so much fun! I don't know how everything happened within the time span of 2 hours, but there was a yummy buffet of food (potluck), a gooey + messy = FUN craft of papier maché eggs, a pass-the-egg game with prizes, an Easter egg hunt, and loot bags with goodies including a book, a bottle of bubble soap (to remind us that one day spring will actually come and we might be able to play with this!), and other little gifts. Kira took a fantastic nap after all of that stimulation!

This past Thursday, Kira attended another Easter party held by Home Start, where she attended summer camp last year. Although she wasn't as much in the mood to join in the organized activities here, she sure had fun trying out a chocolate fondue for the first time! And bonus for mommy that Kira ate a LOT of fruit. Sure it was covered in chocolate, but she hadn't had so many grapes, bananas and apples in one sitting in a long time!

We decided that we would organize a little Easter egg hunt at home for Kira today. She did a great job and found all the eggs. Here's a photo of Kira making a sweet discovery.